April as Ohio Native Plant Month

January 29, 2019

The NGLCO is officially offering their support to making April Ohio Native Plant Month. We have written letters of endorsement and if you agree, we urge you to do so individually as well. Below is an update, link to finding your representatives and a sample letter you may use. Please act swiftly as the decision will soon come to a vote.

Thank You!

Your 2019 Executive Board

At 10:45 on Jan. 18, 2019, State Rep. Wiggam (Ohio Native Plant Month Lead Sponsor in the House) and Senator Hackett (Lead Sponsor in the Ohio Senate) sent out official emails to every Representative and Senator in Ohio letting them know about ONPM, and asking them to co-sponsor their legislation! We now have two weeks to ask everyone on Ohio (until Feb 1st) to flood the State House and Senate with emails, letters, and phone calls asking for co-sponsors. Very Exciting!

Thank you!

Dear Native Plant Enthusiast,

Please help to make Ohio one of the first states in the country to have a month dedicated to Native Plants! Over the next two weeks, we need to flood the Ohio House and Senate with letters of support. Please Help!

As many of you know, we have been working on legislation in Ohio to designate April as Ohio Native Plant Month. Last fall, many of you wrote letters to your state representative asking for their support of our legislation. If you did write a letter, thank you! This is a new session in the statehouse, so even if you wrote a letter last fall, it’s very important that you write again now.

Since we are working to get our legislation through the House and Senate at the same time, please write both your state representative and state senator to: 1) Tell them that you support Ohio Native Plant Month, and 2) Ask if they would co-sponsor our legislation.

Ohio House of Representatives
Representative Scott Wiggam has kindly offered to sponsor our legislation in the House. In your letter to your representative, please ask him/her to contact Representative Wiggam’s office if they would be willing to be a co-sponsor in the House.

Ohio Senate
Senator Bob Hackett has offered to sponsor our legislation in the Senate. In your letter to your senator, please ask him/her to contact Senator Hackett if they would be willing to be a co-sponsor in the Senate.

Please email, write a letter, or call your representative and senator by February 1st!

It’s very fast and easy to send an email:

  1. Use this link to find your State Representative and State Senator using your zip code: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/find-my-legislators
  2. Click on their home page and find the link to send an email
  3. Copy and paste the following message (or write your own)

Dear [Representative {Name}] [Senator {Name}]:

I am writing in support of legislation to designate April as Ohio Native Plant Month.

The proposed legislation states, “The month of April is designated as ‘Ohio Native Plant Month’ to increase public awareness of Ohio’s native plants and the many benefits they provide to pollinators, Ohio’s economy, and the health of Ohio’s environment.”

Passage of this bill is an important step in the growing nationwide effort to help native ecosystems and our declining pollinators. Native plants are good for Ohio, good for the environment, and good for business. Please make Ohio one of the first states in the nation to officially recognize the importance of native plants.

I ask that you please support this important legislation for Ohio.

I also ask that you please contact [Representative Scott Wiggam and offer to be a co-sponsor in the House] [Senator Bob Hackett and offer to be a co-sponsor in the Senate].

Thank you,
{Your Name}

PLEASE SHARE THIS with all friends, family, or anyone you think would help support Ohio Native Plant Month by writing their state representative and senator. The more the better!

Thank you for being part of this important initiative for Ohio! We are making great progress!


Nancy Linz
Ohio Native Plant Month
GCA Zone X Horticulture Representative
Garden Club of Cincinnati
Call/Text: 513-604-3191