Jen Gerger

Calibrating Spray Equipment Training

GEARING UP FOR SPRING? CORE CREDITS (Basic Safety and Handling) By actively participating in this class, you should be able to: Thursday, March 14, 20241:00 – 5:00 PM At Petitti Family of Farms – Willowbend in Perry Register below by Tuesday, March 12th. Limited to 25 participants.

2023 Annual Meeting & Clambake

Our 2023 Annual Meeting, Awards and Clambake event is coming up on Tuesday, October 10th starting at 5:00 pm. Visit the event page for details and to purchase your dinner selections. Rockway Catering is back by popular demand! Please RSVP by Thursday, October 5th.

2023 Golf Outing

Photo Credit: Friday, July 21, 2023 The fun starts at 10:00 AM Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison, OH

Paul Dunlavey

With great sadness we inform you of the loss of P.V.P Industries’ President and founding owner of P.V.P. Industries, Paul Dunlavey. Paul passed away on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 80 years old.  “Rest assured Paul thoughtfully considered and communicated to his successors his plans for the future of P.V.P. Our operational principles will remain unchanged. … Read more

Asclepias: Butterflyweed and Milkweed

by Mark Gilson Sometimes the things we view every day are relegated to a lesser role in our lives. They become commonplace, uninspiring, unimportant. That is why we must travel occasionally, even if just for a silent momentary reverie, from which we return and view our daily world anew. Asclepias in all its forms shouts … Read more

Storrs & Harrison Nursery

by Mark Gilson The nursery industry in Lake County began in 1854 with the vision and hard work of Jesse Storrs. The railways were constructed the year before and he believed that access to transportation and the beneficial climate near Lake Erie made Painesville an excellent site to begin his new enterprise. An English Immigrant, … Read more

The Ridges of Eastern Lake County

by Mark Gilson The Historic Nursery Region of Lake County is three to seven miles deep and about twenty miles long, extending from Mentor to Madison. Once covered by glacial lakes there are three sand/gravel ridges that define the ancient shorelines. North Ridge sits ten to twenty feet above the ‘lake plain’ that runs a … Read more

Paul Otto

by Mark Gilson This was written by Paul in the early 1980’s as a background piece for a Perry High School reunion. Paul’s friendship with the Losely family in the early 1950s prompted them to move from Bainbridge to Perry, not far from Paul’s nursery on Lane Road. Paul has been gone for over twenty … Read more

Nursery Field Day Reflections

by Mark Gilson Since its inception in 1928, the nursery association of Lake County has featured major industry events to promote local operations, new plant introductions and technological innovations. In the organization’s first year the American Nurseryman’s Association traveled by train and by car from their annual convention in Cleveland to the heart of Lake … Read more

Early Agriculture and Settlement in Northeast Ohio

by Mark Gilson Agriculture arrived in Ohio long before European settlement. By the time of the Beaver Wars around 1650, the Iroquois Confederacy, comprised of five Native American nations at the time, pushed into Ohio Country between the Ohio River and the Great Lakes, driving out the Erie Indians (sometimes referred to as ‘the Cat … Read more

Call’s Nursery

by George Haskell The S.W. Call Nursery was founded by Solon W. Call in 1877. When his father, Amherst Call was 11 years old the entire family moved from Vermont to Ohio. The year was 1815, and at that time Ohio was part of the new frontier, and much of it heavily forested. Amherst worked … Read more